Cheesy Monkii Client

Lauren at the Cheesy Monkii Food Truck reached out to ZUUL to help with the digital side of her business. Specifically, she wanted an online store where her customers could place orders, a way to sell merchandise and finally a catering booking system.

What were the challenges?

Cheesy Monkii has been using the same POS (Loyverse) for five years, and any system ZUUL created had to integrate fully with Loyverse. With the baseline defined we broke our system into 3 parts: placing an order, notifications and reporting. We created a API layer above Loyverse, and set about the task.

Placing an order

ZUUL created a widget, that can be added to any website. This widget creates a menu that customers can use to place an order. The menu is populated directly from Loyverse - meaning that when you update an item in Loyverse its automatically updated on your website. Unfortunatly Loyverse doesn't have concept of "menus", so ZUUL implemented logic where you can now create a menu that's populated with items from Loyverse.

Next was the fact that Loyverse doesn't actually process payments. So we had to integrate with a third party vendor, Stripe in our case, to handle payment processing.


Our original assumption was that when you create an order, a receipt would automatically print. That of course was not how Loyverse works. So, to solve this, we setup SMS alerts, and automated Calls to the phone at the truck.


The issue here is that when using two different sytems for order management and payment processing you need to make sure that both are in sync. We have created an administration application that allows vendors to log in, see their orders, filter and sort them, and of course verify ordering and payments are all lined up.

Final Product

We created a tool that successfully links Loyverse to an online store, has customizable notification and all the reporting needed to make sure an order is never missed. Best of all its was created in a way that we can now help other businesses too.

If your business uses Loyverse as its POS, you can now very easily setup an online store, at a far reduced cost when compared to any of the industry leaders in the space. When compared to Squarespace, our tool will save you 50% annually, all your inventory is managed in one place, and best of all you're supporting a local business too.

"Supporting Local, Always."

When we’re looking for solutions for our businesses, there may be other options out there, cheaper, more accessible, etc… but if we’re encouraging our customers to Shop Local then we have to start looking locally for these solutions first. ZUUL is a digital services provider, we compete globally but are firmly rooted in this community.

When you work with ZUUL, there's no compromise on quality or price. I think Lauren, and our other local clients, can attest to this. So if you're planning any online projects, don't hesitate to reach out to us at ZUUL.

Also... Emmet's favourite poutine!

Cute kid eating poutine at the Cheesy Monkii Food Truck

About Loyverse

Loyverse is a free, open source, application. They have a POS, back-office, and kitchen displays to help run your restaurant. It does allow developers to create applications on top of it, but suffice it to say, it's limited. ZUUL needed to add a lot to make it work.