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How to work with us

There are a few basic scenarios that people reach out to us with, either they want a brand new website, or they have an existing website and just need help.

"I need a new website"

If we're design and building a new website, we'll work together to create a design that you're happy with. Then we'll build out that design with, or without, a content management system (so you can update the content yourself). When the project is finished you'll be billed a flat fee depending on the complexity of your project.

"It's broke, can you fix it?"

You don't always need to build something new. You may just need a few tweaks here and there. If that's the case, regardless of: how it was build, where it's hosted, etc… we can jump in and help and you'll be bill hourly for our services.

"Can you look after it all?"

If you recognise that any time you spend on technology is time away from your core business, and want to have a partner that you can reach out to and know it's going to get done then we have a subscription service. Each month you buy a block of time (from 5 to 50 hours), and whenever you need something done, be it: design, coding, marketing, social, etc… reach out, and it gets done.

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Our Services

We take the lessons we've learned in twenty years of building websites and applications and apply them to all our clients' projects. Regardless of budget, we've been helping our clients succeed by delivering high quality solutions for their problems. Whether you want to increase sales, save time through automation (or both), talking with us is a great first step.


Some times we build solutions for one client that can be useful to others. Be it fishing tournament management, ticket sales, or online ordering. Below are a sample of some of the ZUUL software offerings.

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