Our Work

TvH Group

Why TvH Group?

ZUUL is a long term partner with TvH Group, and we’re very proud of how the company has grown from where it started to where it is today, a full service Financial, Accounting, Legal and Mortgage firm.

In a busy world you need to be able to trust your financial advisors, legal counsel, accountants and mortgage brokers. TvH Group give you that peace of mind. They’re leaders in their fields and offer a premium product to their clients.


  • Create a distinctly Canadian logo that inspires strength and trust.
  • Create a website that delivers on the promise that the logo offers.
  • Create a stable technology footing.

Brand / Logo Creation

The goal was to create a distinctly Canadian logo that was a paragon of strength and trust. A logo that stands up to the test of time, and one that can scale as the company does.

Website Design & Development

We’ve gone from no website, to a simple informative site, to what we have now: a fully responsive site backed by the power of WordPress, with custom plugins to integrate with Constant Contact, Facebook & Twitter as well as an information architecture that allows visitors of the site to get to the information they need as quickly as possible.

Create Stable Technology Footing

ZUUL manages domains, hosts a plethora of sites, as well as providing technical consultation wherever possible.

Sending now

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