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Miller Insurance

Why Miller Insurance

Miller Insurance has been providing insurance to the Lake Huron Shoreline for over a hundred years, and has become an important part of Grey, Bruce and Wellington Counties.

Starting in 1899 as the Jackson Bros. Agency, it has operated under the name of Miller Insurance since 1985 and has grown to support 50 employees in its nine locations.

With such growth it was important that we update the website to be a tool that helps Miller Insurance and their customers.



In the current landscape it’s imperative that your site is built to work well on smartphones, and for Miller Insurance this was no different.

When customers are out on the road and need information they need a clear and concise website that gets them what they’re looking for as easily as possible.

The site is also responsive to time and location, after office hours we show the 24/7 contact information and where available the website will use location information to get you contact information for the closest branch.

CMS Integration

We migrated from Joomla 1.5 (and it’s numerous security holes) to WordPress 4. In this way the security was drastically improved and the staff at Miller Insurance can update the offices, pages, blog posts, with ease and confidence.

New Contact Methods

We replaced the staff directory listings with a single unified way for customers to reach out and get the help they need. Rather than leaving it on the customer to figure out who they should be contacting, we reduced the barriers and hurdles that customers had to overcome when reaching out via the site.

Previously we’d get 1 or 2 contacts from the website a month now with the new system the website is getting this much almost daily.

Sending now

Thanks for reaching out, seriously not every day a human talks to a computer.