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Blackhorse Golf

Blackhorse Golf is the golfer’s golf course in Bruce County, and one of the best quality v. cost courses you’ll find in southwestern Ontario.

So when ZUUL is taking on a project like this, quality and attention to detail is key. The website needed to embody the values of the course. We sweat the details, we created something that showcases the beauty of the course without having a large load time. We created a website that differentiates Blackhorse from its competitors online. When you visit the website you know you’re visiting a quality built website, just like the course.


  • The site is built upon WordPress as a CMS (using a bespoke theme, and various plugins created by ZUUL). See, a WordPress website doesn’t have to look like every other banal site online, 
  • it’s built mobile first as a PWA (progressive web app), and
  • it’s built to be fast, with large images being served via a separate CDN.

ZUUL has been partners with Blackhorse Golf since 2017

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