Beans Bistro

What do we like about Beans Bistro

Located in the heart of Kincardine’s downtown, Beans Bistro is premier location for coffee in Kincardine and, with a growing menu, is fast becoming the leading breakfast and brunch location too.

The previous Beans site was, like so many other restaurant sites, a vistaprint built site with menus available via PDFs that weren’t accessible if you viewed the site on your smart phone.


Like most small business owners, Rob at Beans is pulled in a lot of different directions, wearing any number of hats. So the first goal was to make the site a tool that can help stream line his workflows.

To that end we added a few things

CMS Integration

The site is built upon WordPress, an industry standard Content Management System (CMS), that allows for easy updating of pages, menus, etc…

Dynamic Menus

If a menu item ever was changed, the previous workflow was to open the existing PDF, make the changes, then re-add to the server. ZUUL has created a custom menu tool that allows for any number of menus, and simple and easy updates.

Now it’s easier to update the menu, and you’re actually able to view the menu items on your phone.

A nice side benefit is that each menu item is now indexible by search engines. We can also mark an item as featured by simply checking a box in the CMS. Which also updates the homepage.

Location Responsive

During our research we identified two types of people that visited the Beans Bistro site. Locals and potential tourists (people who will be visiting Kincardine in the near future). So we tailored the content on the site to these two different types of users. A very basic example is that if you’re 700km away from Beans you’re likely not interested in today’s lunch special.

Time Responsive

Beans has 4 different menus. So when the user visits the site they have to find which menu is appropriate for them. This searching increased the drop-off rate, so we added a simple feature that shows the lunch menu if it’s lunch time, and the dinner menu if it’s dinner time.