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Beans Bistro

What do we like about Beans Bistro

Located in the heart of Kincardine’s downtown, Beans Bistro is premier location for coffee in Kincardine and, with a growing menu, is fast becoming the leading breakfast and lunch location too.

What we inherited when we became partners with Beans Bistro was a cookie cutter site, with menus all in PDFs. It was a site that met the criteria of “I need a website”.


Like most small business owners, Rob at Beans is pulled in a lot of different directions, wearing any number of hats. So the first goal was to make the site a tool that can help stream line his workflows. The website was to be the first point of contact for the important information: opening ours, contact information and menus.

We created a lean website that’s is focused on exactly what our customers want (menu, hours, contact information) and a platform for Beans to put out upcoming notifications.

Dynamic Menus

If a menu item ever was changed, the previous workflow was to open the existing PDF, make the changes, then re-add to the server. We have created a custom menu tool that allows for any number of menus, and simple and easy updates.

Now it’s easier to update the menu, and you’re actually able to view the menu items on your phone.

A nice side benefit is that each menu item is now indexible by search engines. We can also mark an item as featured by simply checking a box in the CMS. Which also updates the homepage.

Loyalty Rewards

Working with Jenova Projects, we architected a solution so that people can securely check their rewards balance via the beans website. This is a cloud based product using Google’s Firebase product.

This is a great product in and of it’s own right but also sets the ground for so much more in the future.




Sending now

Thanks for reaching out, seriously not every day a human talks to a computer.