General solutions only solve general problems.

If the issues that your business faces online are just like every other business, then you’re in luck. It has never been easier and cheaper than it is right now to make a website. On the other hand, if you need to differentiate yourself online you should read on.

There’s a number of services out there that let you pick a theme, change colours, add your content and generally get your website up and running very quickly. If all you need is a simple website, you can’t really go wrong with a service like WordPress (at the time of writing you can get a website for $4 a month). WordPress is just one of similar service providers.

These providers are in the volume business. WordPress claim that they power 28 percent of the internet, and I don’t doubt it. While this is great for them, it creates a problem for users of these services, a problem you’ve likely noticed yourself. Every website is starting to look the same (a few links at the top, a nice big image, a blurb, some social links, and you’re done). If you didn’t notice it before, you’ll see it everywhere now.

Your business should stand out from the crowd and frankly buying off the rack digital solutions won’t do that, you need to buy a bespoke solution. You need a solution that’s tailored to your needs, a solution that is based in research, a solution that is tracking against goals, you need your solution. General solutions will only ever solve general problems.

A good number of our clients have come to the conclusion themselves, and decided to partner with ZUUL to help them stand out from the crowd. At ZUUL, we build these custom digital solutions.

If you help standing out from the crowd online, reach out to us.

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